This post consists of nothing more than rambly jumbly thoughts/squee:

The Good Moments:
- Anna & Lee are both standing in their underwear and both are so pretty!
- Pretty much every scene with Olive! Oh Olive Olive Olive. How I adore the wee-ness of Kirstin. Olive cracking up was to be expected yes? I'm glad her release was to let out a monsterous scream (that turned into a shriek that eventually died into a squeak), rather than her just shrieking out everyone's secrets.
- Olive runs away... and becomes a nun! The 'Hills Are Alive' moment, that just had to be done right? Equally awesome as Kirstin belting out her inner Maria?... Diana Scarwid!! As a NUN!!
- Chuck's father was Vivienne's fiance! Eek. (Chuck has a mother and a father out there now)

Perhaps the line of the night (for me anyways) "She's 38, which rounds up to 40 which rounds up to 50...which is OLD..."

Other goodies:
- If I could breath I would vomit
- Shut the fudge up
- homepathic drug mule
- Whoah! Hold that pregnant pause
- ... he is stalking you...
- You can't just leave... this is your home... where will you go?

The best part? The show is still INSANELY pretty!!

And Olive is still pretty!



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