Well it only took a week, but I can now say that I am ALL caught up on the Who-ness. Coherent thoughts?? Pfft! The show does move much faster than the previous Who's that I watched way back when, but it works. I will feel sort of remotely bad for saying this, but I kinda sorta wished that Eccleston would have stayed on for a bit longer. A year at least! (LOL) Not that I hate/dislike Tennant, but it felt like Eccleston needed another year...

Obviously it's love because I am continuing to watch. Also I feel the need to mention that the reason it took so long (I could have easily finished in a few days) was that I had to (NEEEDED TO!) take a break after I finished up on Series 2. It was just so... holaaay faaack. Luckily no one was around to see/hear me blubbering like a fool over it.
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