I had these sitting on my computer for what seems like forever, and thought that someone else might get some use out of them now.

These are basically scanned bits of cardboard pieces that I have ripped to shreds to get as texture-y (LOL) as possible. I loved the way the cardboard looked so much in the scans that I spend the rest of the night randomly adding objects that were sitting around the house (hoping they wouldn't scratch or scar my scanner too much).

Click image to download @ DA

*more of these to be added --probably tomorrow*

* texture 001 *

* texture 002 *

* texture 003 *

* texture 004 *

* texture 005 *

* texture 006 *

These were created using old dried up Tempra paint.

From: [identity profile] fanaticjans.livejournal.com

the scans look pretty awesome.
im just surprised by the number of them!

took a few sets.
thank you very much for sharing!

From: [identity profile] bl4ckm4lice.livejournal.com

taking almost all of them :D they looked awesome. thank you~~

From: [identity profile] maytel.livejournal.com

I really like these :)

and do I ever agree with your name!! It's DAMN cold right now, I don't know about anywhere else but Ottawa is freezing right now.



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