Yes, it's that day of the week!

So, this week instead of basically posting bursts of squee, I thought I'd stir things up by posting pics. Which really is just an excuse for not being able to coherently talk about the episode. This way I can just point and say 'LOOK!'... so LOOOK!

*excuse the crap teeny screencaps...*

1. How Ned became a pie maker. Awww. The smell of pies made him feel safe, warm, and loved...

2. Olive & Ned! Complete with awkward interaction. Olive seemed a bit more crazy desperate in this scene. Which I didn't like, because yes, everyone knows that she wants him, but no need to make her coming-on-way-too-strong bat shit desperate.

...but the rolling pin bit was funny... poor Ned.

3. Cup Pies!

4. After they all got themselves a right dandy blowjob...

5. Olive... just cause.

6. Return of the trench!

7. Chuck is in a towel in front of Ned and doesn't care!!

8. Olive will CUT YOU.

9. Jews for Cheeses!!

10. LOL.

Beware, this is more spoilery than usual!!


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