Pushing Daisies squee ahead! SQUUUUEEEE!! Last week's episode was good, not the best, but this week's episode was SO much better.

Things to love about this week:
- Olive hiring Emerson, and making fun of how quickly he scooped up the money
- Happy Olive jumping on bed!
- Olive was a horse jockey... and a HOT jockey at that! Meow.
- Olive & Chuck taunting each other about their secrets
- "Maybe he faked his death! ... people do it all the time" (LOL)
- Aw, Ned hating Halloween while looking quite smokin' in a trench
- Every scene with Olive & Emerson
- Ned haunting his past
- "A horse with no name.. or legs"
- "What was your name again sweetie? Brandon? Butch??... something unladylike"
- "...you wouldn't need all that bait if your belly wasn't full of fish..." (HA HA)
- Every scene with Olive, Ned, & Emerson
- "I don't know how we survived without it, it's like a sex addiction..." (best.line.ever!)
- Olive saves Chuck. Ned saves Olive.
- Fucking horse legs on a man!!
- "It only took me two years to walk up the basement stairs... and only three until my momma let me"
- Olive & Chuck yaying!! (yay!)
- "... like a hypoglycaemic werewolf?"
- "... though Olive had won the race for her life the race, for the race for the pie maker's heart she once again came second..."
- Chuck trick or treating at the Aunts' house... as a ghost!
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