Pushing Daisies squee ahead! SQUUUUEEEE!! Last week's episode was good, not the best, but this week's episode was SO much better.

Things to love about this week:
- Olive hiring Emerson, and making fun of how quickly he scooped up the money
- Happy Olive jumping on bed!
- Olive was a horse jockey... and a HOT jockey at that! Meow.
- Olive & Chuck taunting each other about their secrets
- "Maybe he faked his death! ... people do it all the time" (LOL)
- Aw, Ned hating Halloween while looking quite smokin' in a trench
- Every scene with Olive & Emerson
- Ned haunting his past
- "A horse with no name.. or legs"
- "What was your name again sweetie? Brandon? Butch??... something unladylike"
- "...you wouldn't need all that bait if your belly wasn't full of fish..." (HA HA)
- Every scene with Olive, Ned, & Emerson
- "I don't know how we survived without it, it's like a sex addiction..." (best.line.ever!)
- Olive saves Chuck. Ned saves Olive.
- Fucking horse legs on a man!!
- "It only took me two years to walk up the basement stairs... and only three until my momma let me"
- Olive & Chuck yaying!! (yay!)
- "... like a hypoglycaemic werewolf?"
- "... though Olive had won the race for her life the race, for the race for the pie maker's heart she once again came second..."
- Chuck trick or treating at the Aunts' house... as a ghost!

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Oh man, one of you nice Canadians needs to upload this ep so I can watch it RIGHT NOW!

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I actually loved last week's and this week was my least favorite so far (it kinda felt too far out there) but even then it was still amazing. Olive & Chuck moments were of course fantastic and Olive kissing Ned omg I almost died. I almost wish Chuck had seen, though. But I loved that he found out about the pies (and HOW he found out was so funny) and I loved Emerson as usual. And omg, how hot was Ned this week? Geez.

There was so much goodness this week. It's like, even on their worst week, they're still better than anything else on television. *sigh* I wanna marry this show and have its babies.


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