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Tonight is why I don't really rant about Sanjaya on the show. Yes the show sucks this year, but that's not entirely his fault.

He is obviously a sensitive kid who hides it very well on camera. I remember watching a story about how he was spotted at a baseball game and waved to the camera... then the crowd decided to boo him until he was no longer on camera. He smiled through it, but he looked hurt.

Then tonight, people cheered when he got the boot. Probably not the reaction he was expecting. This was the place where the audience has gone mental over him. It was his safe place. He looked hurt. And I felt bad. It's not his fault the way people voted this past show. The judges put him through, and people wanted/tried to prove a point.


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Yeah I know, it's like now we get to/have to focus on the rest of them now.

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people cheer every week. they cheer because the other person/people are safe, not necessarily because he was the one going home.

i guess i'm a bit of a hardass in that if you can't take some negativity, you really don't belong in the business. (though i will concede that the booing at the baseball game was wrong.)

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Yeah, I just... some people liked him for whatever "valid" reason he had and (most) others were doing it to stick it to the show. (Howard Stern's audience & Votefortheworst) and I felt bad for him... and maybe being a bit defensive because he is one of the youngins, but the cheering has never been that immediate you know.

Man, when did I start to care about the contestant's feelings?!

And Blake?? I don't believe for a minute that he was genuinely in the bottom three last night.


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