Soooo gooood! I really am speechless. After watching the first two episodes... I can not wait for the next eppy.

So much has happened and there was PILES of information and characters up the wazoo. All handled so brilliantly. So fast-paced, you may or may not need to forego bathroom breaks so you can absorb as much of it as possible. (I literally made a mad dash for my only bathroom break during the second eppy and possibly broke a toe or two).

Why you should love Mrs. Patrakas...

For any or all of these reasons: spinning out on the cops, carrying around a plastic baby doll, getting pulled over at gunpoint, attempting to sweetly con her way out of a high speed chase ("I thought the officer was nodding at me to go... if there's a fine, I'll be more than happy to pay it... " LOL.

But perhaps... for uttering the best line of the night!! "I think I should have shot you..." BWAH.

PLUS there were SO many recognizable faces!

*ETA - Some screencaps!

Our opening scene contained some guy in a pickup

My first holy shit moment of the night.

I had NO idea Amy Acker was on the show!! So it was a good holy shit moment.

Mrs. Patrakas.... (Mr. Patrakas is not a nice man).

More random images...

A familiar stern face from some guy in the pickup

"You must do this... You must do this... You must do this... "


The youngin' of the gang. Like in the wild, when you come across a chittering teenager, it's best to just to let your body/mind adjust...

(Mr. Patrakas is not a nice man).

Some guy in a pickup.


And the look on Mrs. Patrakas' face says it all...

More of that pickup guy


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