Since I talked some TV.... tonight's

LOVE. Pure love. Jim & Michael both missing Dwight! Angela breaking down when inviting Oscar to the party committee. The entire office hating Andy!

My highlights?
- "How was your gay-cation?"
- Mexi-canon
- Dwight working at Staples!
- lemoƱade
- "Not right now, but ask me 10 years ago" (lol)
- Andy singing Zombie...
- "Does anyone talk to Dwight?" "Oh sure we talk all the time" *perks up* "Really?" "Nooo..."
- Jim & Pam working together to get Andy
- The look on Dwight's face when Michael is asking him back
- Angela walking away when Oscar is in mid-sentence to shake Dwight's hand!
- "I think we broke his brain"
- etc. etc. etc.

and even a little

I am always a little wary of hearing about the "musical" episode, but I am loving every wee bit of it! I had high hopes when I heard that people from Avenue Q were involved, including the patient of the week, and I didn't want it to suck like so many non-Buffy musical eps.

Ah. The songs? The singing? All very very mah-velous! Really who can go wrong with a musical number about poo? (Hee!) And I will be needing the words to "Guy Love" for pure entertainment value...

The best part? That even though it was a musical diddy, the show was still itself.

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