Well, really where do I begin? After watching "Trip to the Dentist" my brain is a jumbly mess! I know that all the flashbacks were "probably" necessary for the episode, but oh my frog, that felt like a lot of flashbacks! I'm not suppose to be asking what happened 10 seconds ago.

Maybe it was the semi break I had between "Dentist" and the previous episode, but I feel kind of cheated by the 'it wasn't really a rape' reveal. I have to admit that after watching the final two episodes, it did feel a lot like "clean-up time" and (to me) it felt like everything was resolved way too quickly. It was a lot of events and info all coming at once and people being bad one minute, then being good the next. Then suddenly everything is all right (er, sorta) because it didn't turn out to be what she thought it was, then she's making out, but then she's not and angry all over again...

As for the finale! I think my title as 'TV's Most Gullible TV viewer' is pretty much safe. I went from believing it was Duncan to believing it was Logan. I pretty much believed whatever was thrown in front of me. Seriously, if they had thrown MEG in there I would have totally believed it.

I have to admit though that I LOVED the finale. Little moments here and there, like Logan on the bridge... Weevil (& gang) showing up, but I have special love for the Mars' scenes.

I'm sure there will be more thoughts, right now must sleep...
Otherwise known as me finishing up Veronica Mars. Spoilers (for season one) obviously.
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