Yeah, most of my entries about my VM watching are mostly just reactionary babbling, but...

I knew something was up because my brother did the entire "I know something big is going to happen, so I'm going to sit and watch you watch this".

People!! Logan and Veronica are kissing!!

I let out a loud gasp when she jumped up to give him a peck on the lips, then proceeded to stare at the TV in disbelief as the smooches continued.

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hahahahaha!!! i am so surprised that you aren't/weren't spoiled for this.

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ME TOO! People were just too damn good with their LJ cuts when this show was airing.

Look at your icon! There it is again. Oh the weird awkardness turning into a hot makeout session!

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Don't know exactly how I managed it, but that was just... I'm just glad I was unspoiled for that!

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Heheheheheehe! ^-^

Thank god. I've been trying not to use V/L icons in my posts in case you didn't already know. I'm shocked you didn't get somehow spoiled along the way.

Neptune OTP!

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BEST FRIENDS LIST EVER! Seriously. I'm shocked that everyone had kept it all inside for this long. Sneaky buggers you all are.

Here I was thinking the whole Duncan "You think I'm gonna go off and kill you too" exchange was the shock of the episode.

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It is a good episode, also helped by the fact that I ended up liking Norris the bully quite a bit.

I think when Logan was on the phone and heard V yelling at JTT, he really had to come save the day. She made the whole thing sound as shady and gave Logan the location ("The Camelot?!") so he'd know where to go. He started warming up to her before that (AEFC-ish) but I think watching her tear up his check in Kanes & Abel's was what finally did him in, in addition to her helping him with his mom.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 - The Day Veronica/Logan Made Livejournal Explode With OMGWTFSQUEE!

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My best friend and brother were unspoiled, too, and it was so much fun watching it with them. My brother wasn't terribly surprised, but my friend was! She was like "I didn't see that coming at all!" It's one of those cool developments where you may not be expecting it the first time you watch, but if you go back and rewatch the several episodes before it, you can see all the little hints.

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I did not see it coming at all! See, I got the hints, but I thought it was all null & void after he told Duncan on her. I thought, well I guess he's reverted back to being highschool asshole. I was even expecting it.

Then he shows up to "save the day". Very confusing that one.

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Yay! I'll echo everyone else's comments in saying that I can't believe you managed to stay unspoiled!

I'm one of those inattentive fans who didn't really see it coming, but what a fantastic surprise! And for her to kiss him first is just... guh.

I can't wait to hear your reactions to the rest of the episodes. Right around WoCD was the point at which waiting for Tuesdays became extrememly painful.