I am either any or all of following: forgetful, inconsiderate, or greedy.


Even though I've had these sitting on my computer since a week before Montreal, I'm just now posting them... *eek*

speedoshoot012.jpg (47207 bytes)

speedoshoot009.jpg (57959 bytes)

speedoshoot001.jpg (39524 bytes) speedoshoot005.jpg (33658 bytes)

speedoshoot002.jpg (37462 bytes) speedoshoot003.jpg (36235 bytes)
speedoshoot008.jpg (30971 bytes) speedoshoot004.jpg (24089 bytes)
speedoshoot006.jpg (37126 bytes) speedoshoot007.jpg (43484 bytes)
speedoshoot010.jpg (57169 bytes) speedoshoot011.jpg (33359 bytes)

speedoshoot013.jpg (43133 bytes)

I am opting for forgetful...

From: [identity profile] bellanut.livejournal.com

Wow. Those are GORGEOUS! That towel's a little wonky, but I am so not complaining about good Grant pictures! I can't wait to see what comes of his photoshoot with Phelps.


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